Tundra Swan Photography

My First Panorama

This is the picture that started it all. Gros Morne mountain on the west side of Newfoundland.

I had finished a long hike to the mountain, up and around it, then down again. I had a close encounter with some moose grazing in the wetlands I had to traverse to get back and had to wait for them to get out of the way before crossing a bridge.

As I was hiking away from the mountain, I turned around and saw this. Awesome! I took three photos and hoped there would be some way to stitch them together to capture this cool autumn day with one brilliant red tree and the clouds starting to fill in the mountain cut that I had ascended.

I was able to stitch it together – don’t remember what I used to do the job. The end result got me hooked on panoramas and their ability to convey a grand view.

As camera technology has improved, so has my desire to capture more and bigger panoramas. Today the camera I use could capture this picture at higher resolution with a single shot, but in 2007 this was grand.

This Website

I set up this site because there was no good way to show people my big pictures. File sharing systems like Google Drive have no searching capabilities and cannot display a large picture. Websites for selling photographs do not allow files as big as the images on this site.

This site shows some panorama shots that I have created. You can search by keywords or using a map.

Mostly by making mistakes and figuring out how to fix them, I have learned some techniques for creating panorama pictures. Hoping to help others, I have assembled this in my technique pages.

I hope to:

  • distribute my pictures to anyone who wants them
  • get suggestions for pictures I should take (where in the world is there a great panorama waiting to be recorded?)
  • show other photographers’ work on this site
  • create a dialog with anyone interested in panoramas
  • get feedback of any sort