Tundra Swan Photography
Panama Canal (39)


Panama Canal Zone, Panama Canal Zone, Panama

By: Peter Turk, 2016-09-03


I was on a moving ship, the orange ship was moving, and we were close together. These factors conspired to create some serious parallax problems with this picture, hence the missing water (which can easily be added).

See people on the orange ship looking at us with binoculars. During the whole passage we never saw another cruise ship except the one we were on. So we attracted a lot of attention.

I took all my Panama Canal pictures from the deck of the Disney Wonder as we cruised from the south (Pacific) end of the canal to the north (Atlantic) end. We were told to expect rain. It rains a couple of inches every week in Panama. But our passage was unusual: it started overcast, then became cloudy, but no rain.