Tundra Swan Photography
Surfers Paradise (07)


Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

By: Peter Turk, 2018-01-16


The staff in the rotating restaurant on top of the Crowne Plaza hotel were very helpful: they let me go outside on a balcony (one level below the restaurant) to take these pictures of Surfers Paradise from on high. Shortly after I got out there, the security department found out about what I was doing, and they objected. The security person sent out to get me back into the building gave me five minutes (I had asked for 20).

This sequence of pictures was taken in just over five minutes in a very high wind: I had to brace myself against a wall just to be able to aim the camera approximately correctly. I had to do this holding the camera high over my head since there was a very thick and high guard wall which I could not reach over. Altogether, the worst shooting conditions I had ever had to deal with.

beach, cityscape, water