Tundra Swan Photography


You are standing on top of a tall building, or a mountain, or a cruise ship. The view is amazing. You want a picture that captures the enormous, the grandiose.

A selfie won’t do. The picture needs to be really big. Much bigger than any camera can capture.

So you need to take a bunch of pictures and stitch them together.

Cozumel, For Example

You can see a big part of the town. Zoom to see individual people going about their daily routine.

15,000 Limit

The Cozumel picture above is 52,226 x 5,148 pixels – a total of 268,859,448 pixels.
Technical limitations restrict the images you view on this website to about 15,000 pixels in width: less than one third of the resolution of the full-sized image.

Panorama Photographs

This website shows panoramic photographs. Browse the photos. Search by keyword. Click around the world map to find pictures.

In addition to notes on each photo, there is a page of techniques: things I have learned while creating panoramas.

If the site interests you, or you can improve it, tell me.